A few words about this edition

The idea of producing a CD with music composed by members of the Hellenic Electroaoustic Music Composers’ Association, was in the air for years. Many times this topic had been dis- cussed by the Board of Directors or by the Association’s General Assembly. Around 2010 the Board of Directors, decided to propose a type of edition, which could include compositions of all members willing to contribute. The miniature form seemed to be the most viable possibility. The composers were instructed to create a composition unfolding in ‘the shortest possible length of time’. We thought that this guideline would be a kind of invitation to create self-contained and brief musical works, representative of each composer’s musical aesthetics. Today, four years later, we are fortunate to have completed this edition. This long listening ‘journey’ of compressed and ex- panded time, includes 54 works by 54 composers of three generations. Enjoy the listening!

(text by: Katerina Tzedaki)





design: S.Sarchi